Application of biotechnology in agriculture

 KNOWLEDGE    |      2023-03-28

With the rapid expansion of population, food problem is the starting point of biotechnology application. With the development of gene cloning crops, in addition to cloning insect resistance genes and frost resistance genes, for example, rice containing vitamin A has also come out. Under limited tillage, cloning crops solves the problem of quality. In addition, ornamental flowers also rely on tissue culture technology to copy and produce high-quality flowers and improve their value. The famous one is like Taiwan's Phalaenopsis. In addition, through genetic engineering technology, dairy cows that can produce coagulation factors also provide medical uses. Biological fertilizer is mainly a kind of fertilizer made by microbial technology. Biological fertilizer not only provides nutrients for crops, improves quality, enhances cold and insect resistance, but also improves rational characteristics such as soil permeability, water retention and pH, which can create a good growth environment for crop roots, so as to ensure crop yield increase. Biological pesticides use microorganisms, antibiotics and genetic engineering to produce toxic substances with insecticidal effect to produce pesticides made of microbial strains with broad spectrum and strong virulence. Its characteristics are not as fast as chemical pesticides, but the effect is long-lasting. Compared with chemical pesticides, pests are difficult to develop drug resistance. Little impact on the environment. Little harm to human body and crops. However, the scope and method of use are limited, and so on.