People around the world have become overweight

 NEWS    |      2024-01-09

Some people may say that being overweight is not a bad thing, and there is no need to lose weight.

Xiaokang wants to say, this really doesn't work!

Weight issues can be said to be of great significance,

Let it go unchecked,

Your health, even your life, will be in danger!

Dr. Zhu Huilian, Executive Director of the Chinese Nutrition Society and Professor of Nutrition at Sun Yat sen University, explained to us the increasingly serious obesity problem in society and the importance of weight control: obesity has become a major public health problem in China and even the world, and healthy weight is the core of a healthy body.

Obesity has become a global problem

Not a small number of people are troubled by obesity. According to surveys, the hidden danger of obesity has become a global concern.

People around the world have become overweight

1. People around the world have become overweight

As of 2015, 2.2 billion adults worldwide were overweight, accounting for 39% of all adults! Even Xiaokang did not expect that nearly 40% of adults worldwide are overweight. This number is terrifying, but there is even more shocking data.

In 2014, the global average BMI index for males was 24.2 and for females it was 24.4! You should know that a BMI index above 24 falls under the category of overweight. On average, people around the world are overweight! And this number is likely to continue to rise, as obesity will increase with age, and due to the trend of aging population, the global obesity problem will only become increasingly severe.

2. Obesity has become a major global health issue

Some people may say that obesity is not a big deal, but the health problems that arise from it are worth noting. In 2015, the number of deaths caused by overweight worldwide reached 4 million! With the increase of obese population, in the future, health and disease issues related to obesity will become increasingly prominent, and the resulting losses and resource consumption will become increasingly significant social problems!