Definition of Biotechnology

 KNOWLEDGE    |      2023-03-28

In recent years, modern biotechnology represented by genetic engineering, cell engineering, enzyme engineering and fermentation engineering has developed rapidly, and is increasingly affecting and changing people's production and lifestyle. The so-called biotechnology refers to "the technology of using living organisms (or biological substances) to improve products, plants and animals, or cultivate microorganisms for special purposes". Bioengineering is the general term of biotechnology, which refers to the combination of Biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, genetics and biochemical engineering to transform or re create the genetic material of designed cells, cultivate new varieties, use the existing biological system on an industrial scale, and manufacture industrial products by biochemical processes. In short, it is the process of industrialization of living organisms, life systems or life processes. Bioengineering includes genetic engineering, cell engineering, enzyme engineering, fermentation engineering, bioelectronic engineering, bioreactor, sterilization technology and emerging protein engineering