How are steroids obtained?

 KNOWLEDGE    |      2023-03-28

What are steroids? Most people are exposed to the yellow, oily liquid in bottles of cicillin, or in pills. Putting these things in your body, at first glance, is pretty uncomfortable.

Where do steroids come from and where do they go?

First, we need to start with an ancient Chinese medicine, dioscorea [shǔ Yu]. The plant was originally used as a traditional Chinese medicine to treat back and leg pain, numbness of muscles and bones, injuries caused by falls and coughs, and was widely grown in Jiangxi, Anhui and Zhejiang provinces. The root system of this plant is developed, and it is from this root system that one can extract a saponin [Zao Dai], an unfamiliar extract that is the precursor of steroids.

The structure of diosgenin contains the first form of a tetracyclic steroid, and the male hormone testosterone is the structure of steroids. The saponins are extracted and then subjected to different chemical reactions to form our crystalline powder, a highly purified steroid. Steroid is a chemical structure on which all steroids are based, and it is the differences of some groups in steroid structure that form the various steroids.

In short, steroids come from plant extracts.

Dioscorea zingiberensis is good quality in our country, the extraction and making technique is mature, so most (70%) of the powder in the world is from China.

Domestic powder was sent to the United States and Europe by express delivery, so foreigners pulled teams, set up underground laboratories, and used as rigorous and hygienic methods as possible to make steroids. The process seems simple and transparent abroad. To mention briefly: benzyl alcohol, methyl benzoate, soybean oil, steroid powder. Not to mention the ratio, the Internet is available, interested in their own Google search. General production process: heating dissolving, filtering, disinfection and removal of foreign bodies. It is then simply packaged and sold. The main way is online forums, social networking sites, or directly offline set up outlets to sell. A friend told me that if he wanted to buy steroids, he could easily buy them a few blocks away.

So that's steroids, so let me summarize for you. Plant extracts - Different chemical reactions - High purity white crystalline powder - Laboratory processed - finished steroids.