The Tumor Can Be Cured, MIT's New Immunotherapy Successfully Eliminated Pancreatic Cancer in Mice

 NEWS    |      2023-03-28


Pancreatic cancer affects approximately 60,000 Americans each year and is one of the deadliest forms of cancer. After diagnosis, less than 10% of patients can survive for five years.

Although some chemotherapy is effective at first, pancreatic tumors often become resistant to them. Facts have proved that this disease is also difficult to treat with new methods such as immunotherapy.

A team of MIT researchers has now developed an immunotherapy strategy and showed that it can eliminate pancreatic tumors in mice.

This new therapy is a combination of three drugs that helps enhance the body's own immune defense against tumors and is expected to enter clinical trials later this year.

If this method can produce a lasting response in patients, it will have a major impact on the lives of at least some patients, but we need to see how it actually performs in the trial.