Perfect sublimation, local muscle building mechanical growth factor MGF

 KNOWLEDGE    |      2023-03-28

Those who are familiar with peptides know that IGF-1 can be used for point-to-point injection for local muscle growth. After long-term training, everyone will have their own weak muscle groups, so we can choose to use a point-to-point injection method similar to IGF-1 to achieve satisfactory growth of weak muscle groups.  

Mechano Growth Factor (MGF). Mechano growth Factor (Mechano Growth Factor) is like an upgraded version of IGF-1.  


When we need a particular muscle to be enlarged locally, we mechanically stimulate that muscle with anti-resistance anaerobic exercise, and the stimulated muscle group ADAPTS to this stimulation by thickening muscle fibers and expanding muscle cells.  During this process, the body produces a mechanical Growth Factor called MGF (Mechano Growth Factor).  After mechanical stimulation of muscle, IGF-1 gene is converted to MGF to initiate myohypertrophy and muscle fiber division and repair local muscle damage, which is accomplished by activating the anabolism of muscle stem cells. MGF and IGF-1 are actually homologous substances, but the difference is that the end of MGF has a C-terminal peptide.  


So muscles that are actually working out are actually producing MGF, and muscle groups that aren't working out aren't producing MGF at this point.  Notice that the MGF plays a decisive role in local muscle growth.  


Therefore, exogenous intake of MGF mechanical growth factors can achieve:  

1. Repair damaged skeletal muscle cells and repair muscle fibers.  

2. Provide necessary stem cells for local muscle growth to ensure adequate growth of target muscle groups.  


MGF has been used in the bodybuilding industry for a long time, and the effect of TA is actually immediate!  If supplemented after training, MGF can quickly compensate for the lack of training at target points or the rapid growth of dissatisfied muscle groups.