Post-80s, Do You Remember Pagoda Sugar? Why Is Its Disappearance A Tragedy in Chinese Pharmaceutical History

 NEWS    |      2023-03-28


What is pagoda sugar?

Pagoda sugar is named pagoda sugar because its shape resembles a pagoda. Pagoda sugar is a special product in a special era.

This seemingly sugar thing is actually a blind medicine. The main raw material is extracted from the asteraceae plant Ascaris lumbricoides. The fruit and flowering period of Ascaris lumbricoides is between August and October, because the content of Ascaris lumbricoides drops rapidly after flowering. It is usually harvested before flowering. In addition, Shan Dao Nian contains a small amount of toxicity, so when children were eating "pagoda sugar", they would not eat too much.

At that time, in order to make more and more children like this kind of medicine, the staff combined the pharmaceutical industry with the sugar making process, and finally developed the pagoda, this kind of candy medicine, but this once-fascinating pagoda Sugar suddenly disappeared at a certain moment without any signs. The emergence of pagoda sugar originated in the 1950s when ascariasis was prevalent in China. In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the environment in my country was very harsh.

When the conditions are so bad that the health and medical conditions will inevitably fail to meet the standards, the daily hygiene of the people will naturally not be guaranteed. At that time, people were troubled by many parasites, and roundworm was one of them. This parasite was spread in the form of feces. Therefore, once ascariasis occurs, abdominal cramps will appear, no appetite, other abnormalities will appear on their face, and some people will even grow some insect spots on their faces. At the moment, ascariasis can be easily treated. Local treatment is more derived from the development of the times and the current economic level of China has been greatly improved, and the level of medical technology has also been greatly improved.

Only in the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, China’s sanitary conditions and medical standards were not comparable to the current status quo. Therefore, at that time, if a person accidentally contracted ascariasis, he would spread the infection one after another. In the end, the number of people suffering from the disease has been increasing, but there is no effective solution, especially the age of ascariasis is mostly children. As a country’s future development hope, if the disease is allowed to develop, it will inevitably cause serious problems. Therefore, in order to contain this situation as soon as possible, our country was also urgently studying a special medicine that can treat ascariasis. Pagoda sugar also appeared under this background.

What is the reason for the disappearance of pagoda sugar?

With the joint efforts of medical personnel of the two countries, pagoda sugar, a drug that can effectively treat ascariasis, appeared. It was only at that time that Artemisia Ascaris was not a unique plant in China, in short, it was Artemisia Ascaris. A large number of imports from the Soviet Union are needed. Anything that involves import means that the cost will rise rapidly. Therefore, when pagoda sugar is successfully developed and launched, although it can help children effectively solve ascariasis, it is expensive because of the high price. , Making it impossible for ordinary people to afford it. In the 1960s, the relationship between China and the Soviet Union began to guilty. It was also during this period that the Soviet Union withdrew all its experts.

At that time, many people were worried that once the Soviet experts withdrew from China, would it also mean that the Ascaris lumbricoides could not be imported from the Soviet Union? In fact, when the Soviet Union and China were at war, China had already planted the Ascaris lumbricoides on its own land and cultivated it. The result was very good. Since then, pagoda sugar is no longer an unattainable medicine, it has become an affordable medicine for every household, and it has also become a popular snack for children in the streets. At that time, the entire pharmaceutical industry saw the profit behind it, so they were all keen on the production of pagoda sugar.

In the end, sales and inventory became a problem for many pharmaceutical companies, which eventually led to the closure of many companies. From this moment on, the popularity of pagoda sugar gradually faded. Artemisia sylvestris was also ignored because of the heat dissipation, which eventually led to this The plant rotted in the ground.

The planting area of Ascaris lumbricoides has also dropped sharply, and the plant stems and leaves for extracting raw materials are few. The pharmaceutical factory refused to purchase the Ascaris lumbricoides. As a result, the Ascaris lumbricoides rotted more than 2,000 kilograms. It also encountered 40 consecutive days of rain, and waterlogging caused the extinction of Ascaris The process of producing "Pagoda Sugar" has twists and turns.

Nowadays, when people think of this medicine again, they find that the seeds of Ascaris lumbricoides can no longer be used again, and the plants of Ascaris lumbricoides generally only live near the Arctic Circle. If you want to plant again, you need to import from the Soviet Union without seeds. In the end, my country The plant of Ascaris lumbricoides was lost, and the pagoda sugar made by Ascaris lumbricoides also disappeared.