Scientists Discover New Bioengineering Methods That Paved The Way For Improved Production Of Bio-based Products

 NEWS    |      2023-03-28


Scientists have discovered a way to control many genes in engineered yeast cells, opening the door to more efficient and sustainable production of bio-based products.

The research was published in Nucleic Acids Research by researchers at DSM's Rosalind Franklin Biotechnology Center in Delft, the Netherlands and the University of Bristol. The research shows how to unlock the potential of CRISPR to regulate multiple genes simultaneously.

Baker's yeast, or the full name given to it by Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is considered to be the main force in biotechnology. For thousands of years, it has not only been used to produce bread and beer, but today it can also be designed to produce a series of other useful compounds that form the basis of medicines, fuels, and food additives. However, it is difficult to achieve the optimal production of these products. It is necessary to reconnect and expand the complex biochemical network within the cell by introducing new enzymes and adjusting gene expression levels.