The next step in the Encyclopedia of Tanning

 KNOWLEDGE    |      2023-03-28

What is the general process of tanning?

The general process of tanning is: remove makeup - shower - exfoliate - remove accessories and clothing - apply tanning cream - tanning - After the end of the tanning, apply solid cream or aloe vera essence - two hours after the shower.

Why is it recommended to exfoliate before tanning?

Dead skin will hinder the absorption of light waves, so before tanning, it is necessary to remove the body horny, so that the skin can better and faster absorb the nutrients and light waves used in the tanning process, accelerate the speed of tanning and improve the effect of tanning. In addition, horny skin before tanning can avoid the aging horny skin after the sun, resulting in uneven skin color phenomenon. It is recommended to use an exfoliator containing vitamin C to make skin smoother and feel better after sun exposure.

Why do you need to apply tanner before tanning?

Tanning cream can help you get the skin tone you need and play an auxiliary role in tanning. It also has the function of moisturizing care and continuously stimulating melanin and delaying fading. Therefore, it is recommended to apply tanning cream before tanning to improve the tanning effect and avoid sunburn.

Is it better to apply more points to help the sun cream?

You should not apply it too thinly to prevent the skin from losing moisture from the heat of the tan and affecting the tanning effect, but you should not apply it too thickly to cause waste. The most appropriate amount is: the skin is not tight after the application of sun-helping lotion, moistening smooth, slightly sticky.

Can you get black by taking medicine recently?

If you are taking drugs recently, you need to confirm whether you are taking "photosensitive" drugs. If yes, such drugs will produce chemical reactions under light, so it is recommended to stop tanning.

Do you need to remove your contact lenses before tanner?

Yes, in addition to contact lenses, you also need to remove all the accessories and clothes on your body for nude photos, but sensitive skin parts should be covered with towels or clothes.

Should I wear goggles the whole time I'm tanning?

If you are worried about the appearance of white circles under the eyes, you can take off your glasses and close your eyes when the sun is about to end. The skin of the eyes is very fragile and easy to tan, so you need to observe and adjust the time to take off your glasses to avoid excessive exposure to the eyes and surrounding skin.

How often do you need to tan? How long does it last?

Tanning is a gradual process that usually takes 12 to 24 hours for melanin production to occur, so the results are more noticeable the next day. Tanning is generally divided into color period and solid color period, the specific exposure can be referred to the following table (for reference only, exposure and cycle vary from person to person, the actual exposure, please consult professionals).

Why can't you shower immediately after a tan?

This is the same principle that people should not take a shower immediately after sunbathing or strenuous exercise, so it is recommended to wait 2 hours after tanning before taking a shower.

What else do you need to do after the tanning?

After tanning, you can use fixing lotion to enhance and fix the tanning effect. You can also apply aloe vera essence, which can cool, hydrate and calm the skin, and help to replenish moisture to the skin after tanning.