What are the tanning products?

 KNOWLEDGE    |      2023-03-28

Tanning products:

One: bronze lotion

Just like the foundation women use to whiten their skin, there is a "foundation" for men that is specifically tanned, but with a lotion texture more suitable for men's oily skin.

Tanning lotion contains tanning ingredients, after smearing will have a black effect, but because it is lotion, so only need to squeeze a little in the palm of the hand, after rubbing evenly smearing on the face can be, very convenient, do not have to be like a woman coated with foundation and point coated, is so troublesome with powder puff. The technique is also like the use of skin care lotion from inside to outside, from bottom to top smear, conducive to uniform coverage and absorption. Another benefit of the texture of the lotion is that it is not waterproof, sweat-proof, or highly attached, and can be washed off with a facial cleanser, eliminating the makeup removal step that men reject.

Two: bronze concealer

After applying lotion, it is recommended to use a tanning concealer if you have a weak skin base, such as dark circles, large pores and uneven skin tone.

Tanning concealer also has tanning ingredients to enhance the effect and even out skin tone. Dab concealer in the corner of your eye, in the middle of your eye bag and at the end of your eye, then gently push the foam away with your fingers. It can also be used in the T-zone and the forehead where the oil is strong. It can cover the thick pores and also solve the uneven skin tone caused by too thick horny skin.

Three: bronze powder

Men's black makeup should also be done thoroughly, how can you get less "loose powder" of makeup. The bronzed matte powder has a special design, as long as the brush head down, gently shake twice, the bottle of tanning powder attached to the brush head. On its own, a gentle sweep across the face and neck creates a healthy, matte color.

If you apply it after lotion, it will balance out the greasiness of the lotion and concealer you used before and make the tan look fresher and more natural. Don't overlook the color connection between your neck and face. When using lotions and loose powders, take care of your neck.

Four: Spray tanner

After all, tanning can only take care of a limited amount of skin on the face, and it's only temporary and can't be retained for a long time. In addition to the sun and light, there's another time-saving way to get a true all-over tan: spray tanning.

Unlike makeup, spray tans are semi-permanent tans. It contains tanning factors, directly acting on the skin cuticle, make the skin fundamentally dark, as long as the limbs and other parts of the body evenly sprayed, after a period of time, the skin will slowly appear healthy wheat skin.

The reason why it is a semi-permanent product is that although it makes the skin really dark, it only acts on the cuticle, and with the keratin metabolic cycle, it can still be whitened back after one to two weeks. It is a two-prong choice that can restore the original skin color while acting long.