What are the top 10 physiological functions of peptides?

 KNOWLEDGE    |      2023-03-28

1,Is the carrier function. The small molecule peptide shows the carrier function with its own physiological activity. It can take other nutrients from the body. Such as calcium, iron, zinc, manganese, copper, potassium, sodium, various vitamins, biotin, loaded on their own body.

2,It's chelating. Small molecule peptides can chelate with various major elements and trace elements, and chelate small molecule peptides with calcium, small molecule peptides with zinc, small molecule peptides with iron, small molecule peptides with copper, small molecule peptides with manganese, etc. These major elements and trace elements combined with small peptides can be 100% absorbed and used by the human body.

3,It's the adsorption function. Small peptides enter the body, the body will take other nutrients, adsorption on their own body.

4,It's a transport function. After entering the human body, the small molecule peptide shows the role of transport function. It can transport various nutrients to the parts needed by the human body through loading and adsorption functions.

5,It's a power function. Small molecule peptide is absorbed by the human body, with its own activity as the power, participate in human life and physiological activities.

6,It's the transmitter function. Small molecule peptide is absorbed by the body, as a neurotransmitter, to the organs and systems of people to transmit information, make the human body more intelligent, more sensitive, more tacit cooperation.

7,It's the "cop" function. Each peptide has a different job to do. Some peptides as a "police", found that the body of the mutant peptide, unqualified peptide, it will kiss her, kissed peptide, and eventually another peptide like a "shredder" will crush it, is discharged from the body.

8,It's a balancing function. Peptide in the human body, like water in a bottle, the water is full, spontaneous flow out of the body. And the speed of small molecule peptide metabolism in the human body is very fast, the human body takes the amount of speed is not as fast as the human body metabolism.

9,It's an energy function. Proteins are the main building blocks of the human body. Human proteins are made by absorbing the form of small peptides. The higher the peptide rate in the body, the stronger the activity and the greater the energy.

10,It's antibody function. After the small molecule peptide enters the human body, the first fusion with the human cell membrane, so that the cell membrane produces antibodies, antibodies produced after the fusion of small molecule peptide and cell membrane, so that various viruses can not enter the cell membrane, so that the cell membrane will not be infected, the human body is not easy to get sick.