What is a tan?

 KNOWLEDGE    |      2023-03-28

Tanning is an Internet term, which refers to making the skin dark and beautiful. As China becomes increasingly powerful and people's life becomes more colorful, the popular bronzing skin and wheat skin become the mainstream. Special cosmetics and exposure to sunbathing keep the skin beautiful with bronzing black, chocolate color, one white to cover three ugliness, dark and healthy skin is more wild beauty. It's like obsidian.

In the 1920s, Coco Chanel created a fashion trend when she developed a tan while traveling on a yacht, which is the origin of the modern tanning craze. It was just the end of the Victorian era, and young people freed from their inhibitions danced strange Charleston dances. Tanning, like flashy skirts, curly hair and cars, seemed to symbolize the freedom of the era. Sun burns form with excessive exposure to the sun known as sunburn. The earliest origin of tanning is the name "sun tanning". Tanning emerged in the West in the middle of the last century, representing a culture of tanning -- enjoying the sun. There is a direct link between tanning and holidays, which are inseparable from sunny beaches. Tanning has become almost a status symbol. People with a tan indicate that they often go to sunny and expensive resorts, so "black skin" is a best status card.

Principle of beauty

Depending on the wavelength of sunlight, there are three kinds of rays used to exercise the body: infrared (wavelength above 760 nm), visible light (wavelength between 400 nm and 760 nm), and ultraviolet (wavelength between 180 nm and 400 nm). The above three kinds of rays have different effects on the human body.

Sunlight consists of invisible, warm infrared rays, chemical ultraviolet rays and visible rays. Ultraviolet light can change 7-dehydrogenol in the skin into vitamin D, improve calcium and phosphorus metabolism, prevent rickets and osteomalacia, promote calcification of various tuberculosis lesions, healing after fracture reduction, and prevent tooth loosening, etc.

Infrared ray can reach the deep tissue through the epidermis, so that the temperature of the irradiated part of the tissue increases, blood vessel dilation, blood flow is accelerated, blood circulation is improved; If a long time more intense irradiation, can make the whole body temperature rise.

The visible light in the sun, mainly through the vision and skin have an uplifting effect on people, can make people feel comfortable.

Ultraviolet light is the strongest spectrum of sunlight on the human body, can strengthen the blood and lymphatic circulation, promote substance metabolism process; Can make the skin ergosterol into vitamin D, regulate calcium and phosphorus metabolism, promote the normal development of bone. But a large number of ultraviolet radiation, can make the skin erythema, skin cell protein decomposition degeneration, release histamine into the blood, stimulate the hematopoietic system, red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets increase, make phagocytes more active. Repeated exposure to the sun, because ultraviolet light makes the melanin in the skin into melanin, the sunburnt skin will show a uniform and healthy black. Melanin, in turn, can absorb more solar radiation, convert it into heat, and stimulate the secretion of sweat glands. Sunlight is a natural disinfectant, all kinds of microorganisms in the ultraviolet irradiation quickly lost vitality.

Classification of methods

There are two main methods of tanning: natural (sun tanning) and artificial (sunless tanning). Natural is the sun bath.

And artificial is divided into tanning bed and artificial tanning. Tanning bed is based on the principle of sunlight through artificial ultraviolet lines to imitate the sun's ultraviolet radiation. The main reason for this is that the sun's ultraviolet rays have been medically proven to cause skin cancer. Artificial UV rays, filtered out of harmful rays, are much healthier than direct solar UV rays. The method of artificial tanning is the same as working tan cream or bronzing imitation products to achieve.

Tanning tools

Tanning tool 1: Bronzing lotion



Just like the foundation women use to whiten their skin, there is a "foundation" for men that is specifically tanned, but with a lotion texture more suitable for men's oily skin.

Tanning lotion contains tanning ingredients, after smearing will have a black effect, but because it is lotion, so only need to squeeze a little in the palm of the hand, after rubbing evenly smearing on the face can be, very convenient, do not have to be like a woman coated with foundation and point coated, is so troublesome with powder puff. The technique is also like the use of skin care lotion from inside to outside, from bottom to top smear, conducive to uniform coverage and absorption. Another benefit of the texture of the lotion is that it is not waterproof, sweat-proof, or highly attached, and can be washed off with a facial cleanser, eliminating the makeup removal step that men reject.

Tanning tool # 2: Bronzer concealer

After applying lotion, it is recommended to use a tanning concealer if you have a weak skin base, such as dark circles, large pores and uneven skin tone.

Tanning concealer also has tanning ingredients to enhance the effect and even out skin tone. Dab concealer in the corner of your eye, in the middle of your eye bag and at the end of your eye, then gently push the foam away with your fingers. It can also be used in the T-zone and the forehead where the oil is strong. It can cover the thick pores and also solve the uneven skin tone caused by too thick horny skin.

Tanning tool 3: Bronzer powder



Men's black makeup should also be done thoroughly, how can you get less "loose powder" of makeup. The bronzed matte powder has a special design, as long as the brush head down, gently shake twice, the bottle of tanning powder attached to the brush head. On its own, a gentle sweep across the face and neck creates a healthy, matte color.

If you apply it after lotion, it will balance out the greasiness of the lotion and concealer you used before and make the tan look fresher and more natural. Don't overlook the color connection between your neck and face. When using lotions and loose powders, take care of your neck.

Tanner Tool # 4: Spray tanner

After all, tanning can only take care of a limited amount of skin on the face, and it's only temporary and can't be retained for a long time. In addition to the sun and light, there's another time-saving way to get a true all-over tan: spray tanning.

Unlike makeup, spray tans are semi-permanent tans. It contains tanning factors, directly acting on the skin cuticle, make the skin fundamentally dark, as long as the limbs and other parts of the body evenly sprayed, after a period of time, the skin will slowly appear healthy wheat skin.

The reason why it is a semi-permanent product is that although it makes the skin really dark, it only acts on the cuticle, and with the keratin metabolic cycle, it can still be whitened back after one to two weeks. It is a two-prong choice that can restore the original skin color while acting long.

Protective measures

There are several kinds of sunscreen, one-time effective DHA concentration is higher and more expensive, high failure rate, if you do not do a good job of exfoliating the body in advance, the skin absorption of DHA will be uneven, resulting in a dark area of the east and west. Slowly developing type of imitation sunmilk is in the moisturizer to add a low concentration of DHA, wipe every day will make the skin slowly darker, high success rate will not appear uneven tragedy, the development of satisfactory color can stop wiping for a few days, then wipe once or twice a week can be maintained. There are also added pigments of imitation tanning milk, equal to imitation tanning milk and superficial bronzing milk two in one, painted as instant tanning, convenient identification of the scope of the rub, but the rub will still be decolorized, the real DHA components to slowly work. In addition to the risk of uneven smell and color, there is also the risk of turning orange. If the pH of the formula is acidic, DHA will develop into an orange hue. A lot of imitation sun milk on the market are easy to become orange, buy carefully. In addition, imitation tanning milk is completely different from sunscreen. After use, we must rub sunscreen against ultraviolet rays, and do not buy imitation tanning milk with sunscreen factor, which not only darkens the effect, but also has unsafe sunscreen.



Most fake tanning milk contains dihydroxyacetone phosphate (DHA). DHA is a chemical processed from sugar cane. DHA was discovered as an effective temporary tanning ingredient in the 1920s and has been used ever since. It reacts with a protein called keratin to produce a brown color on the surface of the skin. Erythrulose, a type of ketose, was administered with DHA to prevent uneven color, creating a deeper, more even, natural black. Artificial tanning only lasts a week because the top layer of skin is constantly being replaced, but its biggest advantage over the other two methods is that it is absolutely safe. As a result, artificial tanning has grown in popularity, with an estimated bottle of St Tropez sold every ten seconds worldwide. Because DHA can be used as a substance in almost any cosmetic product, and manufacturers have tried to diversify their products as much as possible in order to maximize profits, there are a wide variety of artificial tanning products. There's everything from the face to the whole body.

Specific Methods

Natural tan

Sunbathing, the most natural way to tan, gives your skin a healthy wheat or honey color. It also makes your body produce vitamin D and promotes calcium absorption. But improper sun exposure can lead to freckles, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, sunburn, and even skin cancer. For women who prefer natural shades, be sure to do your before-and-after homework according to the experts:

To get an even, beautiful complexion, make sure to give your body a thorough cleaning before sunbathing. Clean facial skin and remove aging horny skin from the body, including elbows, knees, heels and other places.

Avoid the sun's intensity between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. If you try too hard to get a tanning effect during this period, you will end up with safflower skin and suffer for the next two months.

Apply sunscreen 20 to 20 minutes before going outside, and every two hours while sunbathing. At the same time, choose a sunscreen with low UVA coefficient and high UVB coefficient, which can not only protect the skin from sunburn, but also achieve the purpose of tanning.

Add tanning cream to your sunscreen to enhance your tan with less effort. But be careful, apply evenly, otherwise once the "tattoo pattern", it will not be so easy to change.

Get a tan

Before the sun: Foods that contain tyramine, such as cheese, tuna, walnuts, peanut butter and red wine, will give your skin color and glow.

In the sun: Choose tanning cream with moisturizing effect, which can not only protect the skin from sunburn, but also accelerate the enhancement of the coloring effect. You should choose tanning cream according to your skin type and the length of the sun exposure.

After the sun: Focus on moisturizing and limit foods and drinks rich in B vitamins, or vitamin C, as these ingredients tend to lighten tanned skin.

Salon tanning

As the tanning whirlwind sweeps across the world, the classic "whitening" sign of beauty salons is gradually replaced by "tanning salons". These salons usually offer tanning beds, tanning lamps, tanning spray services, and a range of tanning AIDS for those who love their brown skin but don't have the time or environment to enjoy the sun in nature. According to experts, there are several things you should pay attention to when tanning at a salon.

The first exposure should not take more than 10 minutes. Often the first effect will not be too obvious, but not because to be eager, and extend the "sun" time.

The number of "imitation sun" should not be too frequent, and each "sun" should not last too long. Otherwise, it can lead to massive water loss and skin damage or aging.

People who are allergic to real sun or light should not be subjected to "sun imitation" beauty treatments. Otherwise a "sun" will blister, long freckles, may be "sun" out of a "flower skin".

In indoor "sun", pay attention to skin nutrition and water supplement. High temperatures can dry out skin quite a bit, so it's important to hydrate and replenish your skin with nutrients throughout the "sun" process.

Self tanner

The best news for those who want to get a honey-toned skin without having to go under the sun is the advent of self-tanning products. self-tanning products contain a chemical called NEV, which reacts with proteins in the skin, causing it to take on an instant brown color that darkens over time. This chemical is not harmful to the body, and after 3 to 7 days of stopping the use of tanning products, the keratinocytes will gradually shed as part of the cell growth cycle or with an exfoliator, and the skin tone will automatically be restored. Many major brands of cosmetics have professional tanning products, usually lotions, sprays, foundation, creams and powders. The following points should be noted when using these products:

Be sure to choose products that are specifically designed for your face, and never use a blanket body tan.

Face tanning cream focuses on the temples, forehead and cheeks. If applied all over the face, the effect will be unnatural.

After facial tanning, the face color will appear a little dark, so with bright face makeup, will enhance the effect of facial tanning.

According to expert advice, the body self-help tanning, comply with the following points, can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Cleanse your body with a shower, remove dead skin buildup with a gentle scrub, and then keep your body dry.

Before applying the tanning product, remove all jewelry, wear gloves, and apply it in a circular motion from a large area of your body, making sure to keep it even.

Apply with fingers together without gaps, if the product is not easy to apply evenly, you can use a makeup sponge, so that more convenient.

After 20 minutes of application, make sure the product is absorbed and thoroughly dry before wearing.

Try to keep your body dry for about 12 hours after applying the tanning product. Don't let your body engage in activities that may cause you to sweat.

After 12 hours, when the tanning product is fully absorbed, check yourself to see if there are any patches or uneven areas. For unsatisfied areas that need to be re-colored, use a makeup remover dipped in lemon juice to remove.