With The Rise Of The CRO Industry, How Can Companies Seize The Opportunity To Ensure The Quality Of API Production?

 NEWS    |      2023-03-28


In recent years, with the gradual implementation of the national expansion of 4+7 and mass procurement, the route of deepening the reform of the medical and health system has gradually become clear, and price reduction and burden reduction have become the "main theme" of the pharmaceutical industry.

From the specific data of centralized procurement, the "4+7" procurement base amount is 1.9 billion, the centralized procurement expansion procurement is 3.5 billion, the second batch of national procurement is 8.8 billion, the third batch of national procurement is 22.65 billion, and the fourth batch of national procurement bases Has reached 55 billion.

From "4+7" to the fourth batch, the amount increased by nearly 29 times, and the total amount of the 5 purchase bases reached 91.85 billion.

After the sharp price cut, the amount of "freeing" for medical insurance was approximately 48.32 billion.

I have to admit that the way of changing prices in the market can reduce the price of purchased drugs, reduce the gray area in the process of drug purchase and sale, and bring great benefits to both the supply and demand side and the common people.

For the entire domestic pharmaceutical industry, the era of high-margin generic drugs is over. In the future, innovative drugs will occupy a larger market space. This also brings huge opportunities to innovative R&D institutions, especially CRO companies with strong R&D capabilities.

In the era of the rise of innovative drugs, how can domestic CRO companies seize the opportunity to take advantage of the situation and maximize their own corporate resources and technology to maximize value?

Any success is not accidental, it is inevitable with full preparation. How to gain a firm foothold and gain a leading position in the fierce market competition?

First, focus on the core sectors. This is the prerequisite for maximizing the value of CRO companies. Any CRO company must clearly recognize its strengths and weaknesses, maximize its strengths and avoid weaknesses, concentrate its business on the core sectors, and strive to maximize local advantages.

Secondly, the whole chain layout. For example, those doing clinical research can also make a comprehensive layout in macromolecular drugs, small molecule drugs, and traditional Chinese medicine.

Third, the blessing of informatization. "Use information to become an endorsement of integrity", strictly abide by legal requirements, ensure data compliance, and process records can be traced. At the same time, it can greatly improve the efficiency of research and development.

Fourth, promote the integration of "production, study and research" in medicine. As a university teacher, Professor Ouyang, who leads a model of industry-university-research integration, believes that medical research scholars must have market awareness of their own research results, pay attention to establishing friendly cooperative relations with domestic pharmaceutical companies, scientific research institutes, and medical research institutions, and build enterprises and universities The bridge between them promotes the development of "production, study and research" in the pharmaceutical industry, and truly "writes papers on the land of the motherland".

Talent is the "first productive force" of enterprise development. Build a good echelon of talents, maintain the inexhaustible innovation ability of the team, and continue to inject fresh blood.